Fantasy Raceways Celebrates 30 YEARS (1983-2013) Located at 3787 Dewey Ave across from McDonalds at Northgate Plazs (home of the new Super Walmart)

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WOW,This Place Is Almost Too COOL For Words

Huge selection of H.O.and 1/32 Sets,Cars, Parts, and Hop Up Goodies. Also 1/24 scale Cars and Parts. Hundreds of Dash Motorsports HO Bodies In Stock !!!!!!!!

Race track is 145 ft. of awesome fun.

Look For All The Neon In The Front Window If You're Having Trouble Finding Us

You can actually play Whizball for one pemmy !!!

We have a large selection of HO cars. AFX, Hot Wheels, Tyco,Lifelike,Autoworld,Johnny Lightning, and others.

Fun For The Whole Family !!!!


This website last updated October 5th 2014

Stop in and spend an hour or two and you will have a fun time. Bring your kids, too. This is good, clean and wholesome fun. Moms and dads can race along side with the kids, if they choose. Or stand back and enjoy the smiles and laughter. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg, either.

Have your BirTHdAy PaRty here. We have a great package deal (Only $49.95) for parties,Cub Scouts,Boy Scouts, Car Clubs Etc.Etc. We will set up a structured race event for your party and even provide the cars and controllers to race. Just Show Up !! Click on Parties for more info or call Rodger at (585) 621-1373